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WeBuilder 2011 is a versatile webpage editor, supporting various languages
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WeBuilder 2011 is an editor that will help you create customized web pages. Its main advantage over similar software is that it supports various web languages like different versions of HTML, PHP, Java Script, CSS, among others.
This program’s interface looks very similar to old versions of Microsoft FrontPage. Most of the elements you can insert in a web page are available through the toolbar or the Insert menu. The working area has tabs that allow you to edit more than one page at a time. In addition, each page can be viewed in four different ways. First, there is the Code Editor, in which you are able to manually enter the needed code. Second, there is the Preview, which works as a WYSWYG editor. This means that it shows you exactly how the page will look like and, at the same time, you can insert elements or edit text at will while the changes are automatically transferred to the code. The third and fourth views are vertical and horizontal combinations of the first two respectively. I do not really know what the intentions of the developers were when they decided to use the Code Editor as the default view; however, in my opinion, this decision introduces unnecessary complexity to the software and, thus, reduces the scope of potential users.
WeBuilder 2011 is a well-documented program with built-in help. It also includes some wizards and templates to help you start your project, but they are too limited. In fact, most of them will only set the page to use a given language. Moreover, it is more oriented towards creating individual pages than whole websites, so there are no website templates, a feature that would be extremely helpful for beginners.
In general, WeBuilder 2011 is a well-developed application with multiple features and options. However, if you are a beginner trying to find your way through webpage creation, you should definitely start by using any of the other WYSIWYG editors available.

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  • It supports code in various languages
  • It allows various views


  • It could have been made easier to use
  • It is not oriented towards website creation
  • The wizards and templates are rather limited


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